What kind of land is booked for outsiders in Fiji?


The life in cities are tough, and people are opting for homes far away from urban areas. Some people choose for buying their second house on an island surrounded by large blue ocean and calm surroundings. Fortunately, one of the safest island nations on earth has opened their gates for foreigners. Fiji is a former British colony in the South Pacific Ocean. The country is blessed with too much natural beauty. It is an island nation, but you will find mountains, rainforests, rivers, and waterfalls too.

As the government has sanctioned land for foreigners, Fiji property sales are gaining momentum, and more people from outside are living and retiring there. Now, the question arises what kind of land government of Fiji has sanctioned for outsiders.

Types of land in Fiji

Fijian land is mainly divided into three parts. They are known as native land, crown land, and freehold land. Native land is specially booked for indigenous people of Fiji. It is not for sale for outsiders. Crown land is booked for government use only. The Fiji freehold land is available for foreigners and the land and islands reserved in freehold land can be bought, sold, and rented by outsiders.

The best part about freehold land is that it consists of places far yet well connected from Fijian cities. These places are mostly beaches or remote islands. There are several types of properties in Fiji like villa, resorts, plots, etc. Fiji villa sales are always high because the infrastructure of modern villas in the island nation is best in class.

Environment in Fiji

The natives of Fiji are welcoming and friendly in nature. There are different ethnical communities such that you will love the diverse culture of the country. English is the official language, so there is no communication gap. All cities and towns are well connected, and you can enjoy all the accommodations of your native country there.

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