Why is Fiji considered as the best island nation to live?


Situated in South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is the home of some of the best beaches in the world. Fijian archipelago is made up of 330 islands and 522 islets. Only 110 islands are habitable for humans. 87% percent of the population lives in two main islands of Fiji named as Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Lush rainforests and exotic wildlife are surrounded by mountains.

Fiji real estate sector is open for foreigners. You can buy a vacation home there with some consent from the government. There are some perks and great experiences which you will undergo once you start living your life in this beautiful island nation. I’m mentioning some of them below.

Eco-friendly nation

Many countries support eco-friendly tourism but Fiji attained it. Environmental friendly sports and activities are part of the island nation’s culture. Activities like hiking and wandering in rainforest makes it possible to get into nature without damaging nature. You can visit national parks and find yourself occupied in the natural history of Fiji.

Fun loving activities

Fiji is a natural gem providing nature lovers with an escape from hectic everyday life. beaches provide a relaxing time on the white sand and near warm azure waters. You can go for scuba diving or snorkelling in blue lagoons. Like forests, seas also have a variety of wildlife. Exotic species of fish swim around coral reefs near beautiful beaches.

These beaches and coral reefs are accessible from the property for sale in Fiji. This is another reason that outsiders are willing to buy property in this eye-catching island nation.

If you think that buying a property in Fiji is tough then you are wrong. The government has already reformed their laws there which suit property buyers. Plus, there are a lot of real estate agencies helping outsiders in getting their dream second home. If you are looking for a great Fiji real estate agency then contact us now.


What kind of land is booked for outsiders in Fiji?


The life in cities are tough, and people are opting for homes far away from urban areas. Some people choose for buying their second house on an island surrounded by large blue ocean and calm surroundings. Fortunately, one of the safest island nations on earth has opened their gates for foreigners. Fiji is a former British colony in the South Pacific Ocean. The country is blessed with too much natural beauty. It is an island nation, but you will find mountains, rainforests, rivers, and waterfalls too.

As the government has sanctioned land for foreigners, Fiji property sales are gaining momentum, and more people from outside are living and retiring there. Now, the question arises what kind of land government of Fiji has sanctioned for outsiders.

Types of land in Fiji

Fijian land is mainly divided into three parts. They are known as native land, crown land, and freehold land. Native land is specially booked for indigenous people of Fiji. It is not for sale for outsiders. Crown land is booked for government use only. The Fiji freehold land is available for foreigners and the land and islands reserved in freehold land can be bought, sold, and rented by outsiders.

The best part about freehold land is that it consists of places far yet well connected from Fijian cities. These places are mostly beaches or remote islands. There are several types of properties in Fiji like villa, resorts, plots, etc. Fiji villa sales are always high because the infrastructure of modern villas in the island nation is best in class.

Environment in Fiji

The natives of Fiji are welcoming and friendly in nature. There are different ethnical communities such that you will love the diverse culture of the country. English is the official language, so there is no communication gap. All cities and towns are well connected, and you can enjoy all the accommodations of your native country there.

You can easily contact our expert property dealers if you are interested in buying property in the beautiful island nation.

What are the benefits of living in Fiji?


Everyone wants to escape their hectic lifestyle and long schedule at one point of life. They want to acquire a second home on an island with a tropical climate and relaxed surrounding. The biggest difficulty people face while buying these homes is not monetary but laws and regulations of that area.

While most of the island countries got stricter rules and regulations for foreigners, Fiji has reformed their laws for easier land acquisition. Fiji is a small country located in South Pacific Ocean. It is a water-locked group of 330 islands out of which 110 are inhabitable. Some of these habitable islands are available for purchase.

Life in Fiji

Unlike most countries, Fiji is far from industrialisation and close to nature. You can relax on long beaches, go for an activity filled trip, or visit some national parks for sightseeing. Life in Fiji is quite laid back and natives heartwarmingly welcome outsiders. The high influence of Australia has turned this pacific country into a developed nation with all the facilities. So, you will live a peaceful life on the seashore with all the accommodations available in your country. Tourism is a big contributor to Fijian economy and easy laws for tourism and land are the reason Fiji resort homes are easily bought by many foreigners on their first trip.

English is the official language of Fiji such that foreigners don’t face any problems while communicating with locals. The local delicacies of the country are made up of fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood making it one of the healthiest diets in the world. Fiji is one of the safest places to live on earth in an event of world war or economic collapse.

Fiji property sales are handled by many property dealers residing in the country. It is advisable to contact a local property dealer to understand all the laws regarding property. You can also contact us if you want to buy a beautiful home in Fiji.

Why purchasing properties in Fiji is a noble idea?


You have enough to be able to buy properties in any part of the world. But you simply look for the properties that are all at right location where the prospect of return is high. Well, if this is what you truly look for now, then Fiji could be your best hunting place now! The sudden growth of tourism industry has caught the attention of people from worldwide. Fiji became a favourite world class tourist spot for every kind of travellers. From honeymooners to family vacationers, you will be able to see all sorts of visitors from foreign countries rushing out here.

The beautiful scenic attractions consisted of sea beaches, magnificent sight of coral reefs and world-class hotels and resorts made it as a highly-frequented destination. From your investment perspective, you may find many Fiji villa sales.

It is a noble idea on your part if you decide to purchase the property. The Fiji economy mainly revolves round the tourism industry which has a 17.0 percent contribution to GDP offering both direct or indirect employment to people. Investors looking to invest in properties can expect high prospect.12 There are many kinds of villas available that are in sales.

The beautiful landscaped gardens consisted of 300+ acre coconut plantations along with the pristine sea beaches giving romance is just a perfect spot for visitors. The country has every kind of lifestyle. In case you get interested in purchasing of properties, you can explore Fiji property sales, some of which are affordable. When you talk about the chance to get freehold land, it is only 8% of entire lands in Fiji are freehold.

However, if you look forward to such property deals, you can find many exciting ones. There are many Fiji freehold properties which are situated at best location. Villas, apartments, etc. are always found at an affordable rate. Fiji freehold property deals are the most attractive ones considering the high return prospects. Now, what are you waiting for? Look out for the best deals You can find all kinds of valuable information on sales of properties in Fiji at a single go. And only you need to put a little effort which is to browse out Fijipropertysales.com. On doing so, you will get a plenty of deals that you can choose one out of them!

Why is Fiji turning into a popular home buying destination?


Fiji is rapidly turning into a popular tourist destination with the development of various hotels, resorts, and tourist hubs. The country is situated in the South Pacific Ocean, and it consists of 330 islands, but only 110 are permanently inhabited. Understanding the potential of the tourist industry, Fijian government opened doors to people who want to buy a home in the paradise country. The tourism sector is one of the biggest contributors to Fijian economy. The government has made easier laws for foreigners willing to buy land in the beautiful island nation. Fiji real estate sector is enjoying a growth due to flexible regulations and investments by reputed tourism companies.

Why are people choosing Fiji over any other island nation?

The friendly and hospitable population of the island nation leaves a very good impression on tourists. The combination of beautiful nature and genial people are other factors attracting people from different nations. There are no language barriers as English is widely spoken along with the native language. You will feel the level of freshness of air is different from your home country once you reach there. The water in streams is fresh and it is one of the best places on earth to experience water sports and adventures.

The property for sale in Fiji will be far from the city crowds and close to the natural attractions. The mountainous terrain and blue coral reefs will make you fall in love with the island nation. You can grow fresh vegetables in your backyard because the soil is very fertile. The cost of living in Fiji is very low and you can get fresh fruits and vegetables readily available. The Pacific nation is recently rated as one of the safest countries in the world. To know more about Fiji real estate agency and prices of different accommodations, contact our experts.

Top reasons to buy a property in the tropical islands of Fiji


Fiji is one of those countries which offers a unique experience of natural beauty and culture. The country sits on an archipelago, consisting of over 300 islands, situated in the South Pacific Ocean. People who visit this beautiful country fantasise to buy a permanent house there. The evergreen forests and white sandy beaches will make you fall in love with this country. The climate of Fiji is warm but soothing to bask under the sun on beaches. Be ready to be surprised at the friendly gesture from local peoples in every part of islands. Fiji Freehold is the only category of land available for buying to foreigners who wish to live there.

There are numerous island nations but living in Fiji will be quite a spectacular experience due to following reasons.

People and lifestyle

Fiji ranks very high in different happiest people in world surveys. The welcoming nature of natives is described by every blogger who travelled the island nation. The laid-back lifestyle of natives is quite different from the outside world. English is the official language and spoken widely by almost everyone there. There is a small expat population in Fiji, and many of them have contributed in the upliftment of the number of Fiji property sales.

Cuisine and accommodations

The Fijian cuisine is full of fresh fruits, vegetables and different kinds of fishes and other seafood. The food is plucked fresh as many local shops sell fruits and vegetables grown on the islands. The old lifestyle by Fijians doesn’t mean that the country lack any accommodations. The island nation is one of the most developed countries in the Oceania region. All cities and towns are interconnected with either roadways, seaways or airways. All the services like electricity and internet are easily available in the island nation.

Fiji villa sales are at all time high due to these reasons. Contact us, if you are interested in buying your piece of paradise in this beautiful country.

How to Own a Vacation Home in Fiji?


Are you looking to buy a property in Southern Pacific region? Well, there are many options, but Fiji stands out from the rest. Fiji sits on an archipelago of 333 islands, but only 110 islands are habitable. The inhabitable islands are filled with tropical forest with unique natural sceneries. The small islands are readily accessible by the boat and possess exotic beaches for tourists to relax and enjoy the holiday with family. It is a home to adventure activities like jet ski boating, scuba diving, snorkelling, viewing the beautiful coral reef, and island hopping from a boat. It is called a paradise on earth and has become a favourite holiday destination for tourists coming from different nations. Hire a Fiji real estate agency to own a beautiful home in this island country.

Know the Fiji Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry of Fiji is growing at a rapid pace in the recent years. Investments are flowing from different firms to build resorts, villas, and other infrastructure for boosting the tourism industry. Before jumping into buying a property from Fiji real estate, you should know the following guidelines of government:

• Owning of properties is banned for foreigners from city areas

• Freehold land can be bought and own permanently

• Permission from the Fijian Ministry of Land

• Work permit and temporary residence visa to buy properties

• Hire an authorised real estate agency for guidance

• Invest $150K in building the house

• Need to pay stamp duty and taxes to Fijian Government

Foreigners willing to buy properties in Fiji should follow the law of the land to avoid getting entangled in the legal matters later.

Types of Properties Available for Sales

Fiji is a perfect destination for foreigners looking to spend their vacation in a unique way. The real estate industry of Fiji is offering many properties options to buyers like villas, resorts, lands, beachfront homes, and island for sales. You can own a home from the property for sale in Fiji to live during the vacation and enjoy wholeheartedly in the beautiful nature of the islands. Contact us to buy top quality properties at affordable in Fiji.