What kind of location are available for purchase in Fiji?

Fiji is a wonderful place to buy a permanent home. Imagine a home far from civilisation on a beach where you can see beautiful sunsets every day. Yes, you can live this kind of peaceful and delightful life. Buying property in such beautiful island is never a bad investment. Continue reading “What kind of location are available for purchase in Fiji?”


What kind of land is booked for outsiders in Fiji?


The life in cities are tough, and people are opting for homes far away from urban areas. Some people choose for buying their second house on an island surrounded by large blue ocean and calm surroundings. Fortunately, one of the safest island nations on earth has opened their gates for foreigners. Fiji is a former British colony in the South Pacific Ocean. The country is blessed with too much natural beauty. It is an island nation, but you will find mountains, rainforests, rivers, and waterfalls too.

As the government has sanctioned land for foreigners, Fiji property sales are gaining momentum, and more people from outside are living and retiring there. Now, the question arises what kind of land government of Fiji has sanctioned for outsiders.

Types of land in Fiji

Fijian land is mainly divided into three parts. They are known as native land, crown land, and freehold land. Native land is specially booked for indigenous people of Fiji. It is not for sale for outsiders. Crown land is booked for government use only. The Fiji freehold land is available for foreigners and the land and islands reserved in freehold land can be bought, sold, and rented by outsiders.

The best part about freehold land is that it consists of places far yet well connected from Fijian cities. These places are mostly beaches or remote islands. There are several types of properties in Fiji like villa, resorts, plots, etc. Fiji villa sales are always high because the infrastructure of modern villas in the island nation is best in class.

Environment in Fiji

The natives of Fiji are welcoming and friendly in nature. There are different ethnical communities such that you will love the diverse culture of the country. English is the official language, so there is no communication gap. All cities and towns are well connected, and you can enjoy all the accommodations of your native country there.

You can easily contact our expert property dealers if you are interested in buying property in the beautiful island nation.

Best reasons to buy a property on the beautiful island of Fiji


Buying a property on a tropical island is more like a dream come true for many people. Most of the city and metropolitan areas in different countries are almost unsuitable to live with rising pollution levels every day. People want to lay back from their fast routine for a while.

A laid-back life sounds great, but every tropical island country doesn’t guarantee that life. Thankfully, there is a country which provides both beautiful nature and great hospitality. Located in South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is one of the most beautiful paradises on earth. As per worldwide independent network of a market research survey of 2016, Fiji is the happiest country in the world. Fiji property sales are at all time high and now is the best time to buy a property in the enchanting island nation.

Some valid reasons purchase a proper12ty in Fiji

1. The population of Fiji is culturally diverse. English is the official and widely spoken language there. There is not a single person who visited Fiji and didn’t appreciate the great welcoming nature of the people there.

2. The government has reserved land for foreigners in calm and beautiful places. There is an ease in all the government procedures while purchasing a property.

3. Fiji is a country for those people who like adventures and want to stay in touch with nature. The country is filled with beautiful rainforests, green mountain peaks, and serene blue coral reefs.

4. Fiji provides one of the healthiest food in the world. Their food is full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and different types of seafood. The soil is so fertile there that you can even do farming in your backyard.

5. The rivers still run there with clean water and the air is still fresh there. It is heaven for nature loving people.

Fiji resort homes are quite popular in the world and buying a property there can be the best investment of your life. Contact us, to know more about property buying procedure in Fiji.

How to Find Your Dream Properties in Fiji?


Fiji is an ideal destination for foreigners to buy properties in Southern Pacific Ocean. The country is an archipelago of 333 islands but mostly not suitable for habitation. Plenty of white sand beaches, adventurous sports, sightseeing, and private islands for couples make this country an ideal destination for holiday. People fall in love with the beauty of the country at the first glimpse of the sightseeing. The calmness, pleasant weather, and peaceful environment can’t be found anywhere in the world. Hence, foreigners love buying properties in Fiji to relocate to this country.

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Why invest in a property abroad, and why in Fiji?


An investment in a real estate property abroad is a best and smarter thing you can do with your money, while thinking for what to do with your hard earned money. Reasons for saying such is mentioned below Continue reading “Why invest in a property abroad, and why in Fiji?”

Fiji Islands, a paradise where everyone dreams to settle

Every human being dreams of buying a property or house at some point of their life. The decision to buy a property or home is usually a big decision, which needs huge investment. Generally, a person’s idea of buying a property or house limits up to his/her country itself, but there are many who plan to own a property overseas.

Fiji Island is an island nation which consists of 322 picturesque islands and 522 islets. It is located in the Vanuatu’s east and is tucked in between the green mountains.  These islands are the perfect tourist place which captures the hearts of many tourists. The island possesses tropical rain forests, coconut tree plantations, and hills.

Fiji allows foreign ownership of land. Below mentioned are the three types of land in Fiji

Freehold land: Such lands can be bought and sold freely in most areas of Fiji

Native land: such lands can be leased but never be owned

Crown land: Owned by Fiji government and can be leased by government only.

So now if you are planning to buy property in Fiji then you should look at purchasing at Fiji real estate agency. The process of buying land here is slow but simple. You need to take permission from Fiji Trade and Investment Board(FTIB). In FIJI, land sales or tenure is done through torrents title land registration system with a title constitutionally given by the state.

Fiji land sales are open to foreign investors, as it allows them to buy almost any property with few rules and regulations. Conductive political and legal environment make Fiji a plum of foreign private entrepreneurs and tourists.

Fiji has plenty of properties for sale, property for sale in Fiji includes villas, houses, land and commercial properties. Many foreigners invest in islands of Fiji turning them into luxury villas and homes for family holidays. Purchase and sales of properties are looked by Fiji real estate internet listings with internet portals.

If you are planning to buy your dream home or property here, you can log on to Fijipropertysales.com for further information.

Tips for Buying Good Property in Fiji

Are you planning to buy a real estate property in Fiji? If yes, the information provided below will be useful for you to get best and fair deal. Fiji is a dream place for nature and peace lovers avoiding blues of city life. Country has the happiest people on earth due to ambient environment and natural sceneries that soothes minds. To get best deal, check out property for sale in Fiji according to your requirement. The property can be decided in accordance to uses and requirement. It is essential for you to see location, local environment and nature of the place. It is an important thing to remember before deciding to buy a real estate property in Fiji.images

Buying a plot of land is easier and cheap in Fiji than in other countries. But, the buying process is a bit slower taking about 60 days to be title of the land. You need to get permission from government buying more than half an acre of land in the country. Further, you need to look at land condition and term of use according to your requirement. Fiji land sales enable you to get fair deal in buying land plot and islands. Government has prohibited foreigners from buying land from cities but available in remote areas. You can build home amidst natural sceneries and beach-front home buying land at cheap price.

If you are seriously pondering to buying a property in Fiji, you need to research about the place. You need to hire a government authorized real estate agency to get fair deal and avoid legal hassles. Following real estate law of the land increases speed of process while avoiding problems. Fiji property sales is useful to get desired home, villa, resorts, islands, and even other plots of lands at right price. It is essential for you to seek advice and guidance from real estate experts there. You would never want to land in legal trouble building a dream home in Fiji. Hire our real estate experts to get guidance and help in buying desired property at fair price.