How much beneficial is to buy a property in Fiji?

Is your lifestyle slowly turning into a hectic one? Do you need a break and want to move to a peaceful island? It is easier to buy a home on island nations nowadays. The peaceful yet enjoying lifestyle provided by these places is unmatchable to the chaotic lifestyle in big cities. Continue reading “How much beneficial is to buy a property in Fiji?”


Buy your new home in the beautiful island nation of Fiji


Home at a peaceful place is a dream of almost everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone lives on a quiet island and life in the city is quite chaotic and stressful. You don’t need to crave for a peaceful life anymore. The island nation of Fiji grants foreigners to buy beautiful properties across the nation. Fiji is located in South Pacific Ocean near Australia. It is the most developed nation in that region. The country is best described as a paradise in a vast ocean. Fiji property sales are quite high in recent years. If you are looking for reasons to live there then scroll down in the blog and check yourself.

Living conditions in Fiji

Due to high influence of Australia, all the accommodations and infrastructure of a highly-developed nation are available there. Fiji is close to nature and eco-friendly development is adopted there. There are beautiful mountains, rainforests, and ecological parks spread across on different islands. The pollution levels are minimal compared to the average in the world.

If we talk about the natives living there then you won’t believe how high Fiji scores in world’s happiest nations index. The heart-warming natives of the island nation welcome everyone from outside with a warm smile. These people grow their food on land or catch it in the sea and then make delicious yet healthy meals that are soul satisfying.

Government laws

Fiji is not a nation with tough governmental laws. If you apply to buy a house in this beautiful paradise then it will approximately take 60 days. Only Fiji freehold land is available for foreigners to purchase which constitutes only ten percent of the total land area. The government of island nation is promoting foreign investment in the real estate sector.

There are numerous good property brokers who can help anyone in buying a beautiful home in the island country. The chart of Fiji villa sales is always high due to eye-catching infrastructure. Contact our experts, if you want to start your life again on the shores of an island.

What kind of location are available for purchase in Fiji?

Fiji is a wonderful place to buy a permanent home. Imagine a home far from civilisation on a beach where you can see beautiful sunsets every day. Yes, you can live this kind of peaceful and delightful life. Buying property in such beautiful island is never a bad investment. Continue reading “What kind of location are available for purchase in Fiji?”

Why is Fiji considered as the best island nation to live?


Situated in South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is the home of some of the best beaches in the world. Fijian archipelago is made up of 330 islands and 522 islets. Only 110 islands are habitable for humans. 87% percent of the population lives in two main islands of Fiji named as Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Lush rainforests and exotic wildlife are surrounded by mountains.

Fiji real estate sector is open for foreigners. You can buy a vacation home there with some consent from the government. There are some perks and great experiences which you will undergo once you start living your life in this beautiful island nation. I’m mentioning some of them below.

Eco-friendly nation

Many countries support eco-friendly tourism but Fiji attained it. Environmental friendly sports and activities are part of the island nation’s culture. Activities like hiking and wandering in rainforest makes it possible to get into nature without damaging nature. You can visit national parks and find yourself occupied in the natural history of Fiji.

Fun loving activities

Fiji is a natural gem providing nature lovers with an escape from hectic everyday life. beaches provide a relaxing time on the white sand and near warm azure waters. You can go for scuba diving or snorkelling in blue lagoons. Like forests, seas also have a variety of wildlife. Exotic species of fish swim around coral reefs near beautiful beaches.

These beaches and coral reefs are accessible from the property for sale in Fiji. This is another reason that outsiders are willing to buy property in this eye-catching island nation.

If you think that buying a property in Fiji is tough then you are wrong. The government has already reformed their laws there which suit property buyers. Plus, there are a lot of real estate agencies helping outsiders in getting their dream second home. If you are looking for a great Fiji real estate agency then contact us now.

What kind of land is booked for outsiders in Fiji?


The life in cities are tough, and people are opting for homes far away from urban areas. Some people choose for buying their second house on an island surrounded by large blue ocean and calm surroundings. Fortunately, one of the safest island nations on earth has opened their gates for foreigners. Fiji is a former British colony in the South Pacific Ocean. The country is blessed with too much natural beauty. It is an island nation, but you will find mountains, rainforests, rivers, and waterfalls too.

As the government has sanctioned land for foreigners, Fiji property sales are gaining momentum, and more people from outside are living and retiring there. Now, the question arises what kind of land government of Fiji has sanctioned for outsiders.

Types of land in Fiji

Fijian land is mainly divided into three parts. They are known as native land, crown land, and freehold land. Native land is specially booked for indigenous people of Fiji. It is not for sale for outsiders. Crown land is booked for government use only. The Fiji freehold land is available for foreigners and the land and islands reserved in freehold land can be bought, sold, and rented by outsiders.

The best part about freehold land is that it consists of places far yet well connected from Fijian cities. These places are mostly beaches or remote islands. There are several types of properties in Fiji like villa, resorts, plots, etc. Fiji villa sales are always high because the infrastructure of modern villas in the island nation is best in class.

Environment in Fiji

The natives of Fiji are welcoming and friendly in nature. There are different ethnical communities such that you will love the diverse culture of the country. English is the official language, so there is no communication gap. All cities and towns are well connected, and you can enjoy all the accommodations of your native country there.

You can easily contact our expert property dealers if you are interested in buying property in the beautiful island nation.

Why is Fiji the best place to live and retire?


When we talk about the most habitable island nations in the world which are far from most of the countries then one name which comes to our mind is Fiji. The island nation which was inhabited by Melanesians thousands of years ago is one of the best places on earth to live. Fiji is in South Pacific Ocean area which is itself quite far from many countries but it is well connected due to globalisation. It is a great place to live or retire.

How is it the best place to live?

The natural beauty of Fiji is one of the main reason for foreigners to live there. The place gives the essential peace of mind needed by most people. It is a heaven for travellers, hikers, and adventure seekers. There are 330 islands in Fiji and most of them are either covered with beautiful green mountains or captivating dense rainforests. You can explore colourful coral reefs and fauna of the Pacific Ocean or take a walk on the long and white sandy beaches of Fiji. Fiji real estate industry is expanding with the help of foreigners due to these factors.

Fiji is politically stable and the safest country in the world in the event of any world war or economic turmoil happens. There are the different property for sale in Fiji like resorts, villas, plots etc. Fiji is close to nature but it is one of the most developed nations in the South Pacific region. All the facilities needed in home and workplace is available there.

The government of Fiji has already booked ten percent of land for sale and purchase by foreigners. The laws are easy and transparent but a good Fiji real estate agency can ease the whole purchasing process. Contact our experts to know more about property ownership in Fiji.

Why is Fiji known as the best place to buy a second home?


It is easier to purchase a house in a tropical island country nowadays where you can relax on a beach and enjoy fresh coconut water all day, thanks to globalisation. A home on an island is the perfect getaway from day to day tedious life.

People often get confused in decisions regarding buying property and that too in different country. They frequently get confused with law and orders and different challenges they face while looking for their second home in a strange country. Fortunately, you can buy property in Fiji without worrying about any stricter laws or scams. Fiji property sales are at all time high because they have opened their home for foreigners and you can invest in real estate sector straightforwardly.

Where is Fiji?

Fiji is a tiny island nation situated in the South Pacific Ocean. The former British colony is one of the most developed countries in that region. It is close to Australia and New Zealand.

Why should you invest in Fiji?

Fiji is a tourist hotspot, and there is a good reason for it. The welcoming nature of natives and good standards of life lures many foreigners to buy their second home there. The country has the least amount of pollution compared to other nations in the world. Life is slow in Fiji, and you will not feel the city chaos here. It is a beautiful place for nature lovers and travellers. Fijian delicacies are made up of seafood, homegrown fruits, and vegetables. Fiji freehold ten percent of their land for foreigners and the freehold land is far from crowded areas and comprises of island and beach areas.

The regulate the real estate industry, Fijian government took some stricter steps and introduced new laws to throw corruption out and made the purchasing path easier for outsiders. To get a good pricing on different properties and details about Fiji villa sales, please contact our experts.