Top reasons to buy a property in Fiji right now


Are you planning to own a land in the paradise of Fiji? If yes, now is the chance for you to buy a second home on a beautiful island of Fiji. This is because the country has opened its gate for foreign investors/home buyers to own properties there. The Fijian parliament allows lease on ten percent of the freehold land which is available to foreigners with government’s permission. Fiji real estate industry is facing an upturn because many high-profile celebrities have already purchased a property there. The land leased by the government for foreigners is far from crowded city areas.

More reasons to buy a property in Fiji

Fiji is a beautiful island nation covered with distinctive flora and fauna. The island country comprises with lush green rainforests and pristine waterfalls. The Pacific nation is one of the safest countries in the world if any conflict occurs. The pollution levels are very low compared to other developed countries. The air is fresh with the tropical aroma, and the rivers still run clear there. The lifestyle of Fijian natives is very laid back which makes them one of the happiest people in the world according to some sources. There are several types of property for sale in Fiji like resorts, villas, freehold plots, sea view houses, etc.

Nearly all parts of the country are uncrowded and a peaceful place to live in. The infrastructure of the country is world-class, and all the essential facilities like water supply, electricity, and others are available in abundance. The transport system is well connected, and roads and water transportation well link all the major cities and towns. Fiji has their national airlines which regularly fly from countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. To know more about the real estate and freehold land scenario of the nation and Fiji real estate agency, contact our real estate expert today


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