How to buy a property on beautiful Fiji Islands


The beautiful island country of Fiji is one of the finest places on earth to live. Fiji is situated in the South Pacific Ocean, and it is surrounded by serene blue water and alluring landscapes. Out of 332 islands, only 106 are inhabited as most parts of Fiji are unpopulated. Fiji has multiple landscapes, from rain forests to high altitude mountains. Many people buy property in Fiji due to its eye-catching landscapes and natural beauty.

Buying a property in Fiji is quite confusing as people don’t have much idea about the laws of the island country. A Fiji real estate agency can help potential clients who want to own a beautiful house in Fiji. These local property agencies are well versed with the laws and regulations of the island nation. They help potential clients by providing transparency in the purchase of assets.images-2

From beautiful green mountains to colourful coral reefs, Fiji offers a lot when it comes to natural beauty. Local Fijians are friendly and welcoming in nature and Fiji is recently voted as one of the safest places on earth to live. English is widely spoken in Fiji such that there are no language barriers on the island nation.

The lands in Fiji is divided into three parts: Native land, Crown land, and Freehold land. The native land is exclusively reserved for the native indigenous people of Fiji. The government of Fiji administers the crown land. Fiji freehold land, which comprises 10 percent of the total geographical area, is available for sale to foreigners but with the consent of Ministry of Land buying more than an acre. Foreigners can buy the residential property of less than one acre without any consent from the ministry, but they need a residence or work permit for that.

Fiji villa sales or any other property sales go through different procedures, and it is highly advisable to consult a property seller firm for ease. The sale and purchase of assets take time as it goes through various government laws and norms. To understand more about the rules and structure of selling and purchasing property in Fiji, you can check for more information.


Author: fijiproperty

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