Buy Villas and Resort Homes in Fiji


Fiji is a beautiful country situated in Southern Pacific Ocean. The country is an archipelago of 333 islands but only 110 islands are suited for human habitation. The presence of white sand beaches, tropical forests, hill stations, and resorts like homes make Fiji an ideal destination for spending holidays. There are hotspots for tourists sightseeing and adventurous sports.

Resort Homes with Modern Amenities

People fall in love with Fiji landscape and natural sceneries soon after landing in the country. You can make the beautiful landscape your home buying a resort home. Buy Fiji resort homes to spend a holiday or lives permanently amidst natural sceneries. It requires a temporary residence visa and a work permit to be eligible to buy properties in the country. Apart from that, you can buy a land plot to build your dream resort home quickly.

Build a Villa in Fiji

Enviable weather condition, abundance organic vegetables, friendly locals, tolerant and multicultural society are top reasons why Fiji is a place worth living in. You would be surrounded by happy folks living in the country. You need to acquire a land plot from remote villages or tourist spots to build a villa for living there permanently. Fiji villa sales offer luxurious properties at a fair price to the buyers. But a finalizing a sale takes 3-6 months for foreigners. An authorized real estate agent is needed to offer guidance and help in buying properties quickly.

Buy Freehold Land

Building a dream house or villa is a good idea. But finding a suitable land plot requires efforts and help from real estate agents. There are three types of lands available in Fiji as native trust land, crown land, and freehold land. Fiji freehold land is the best option for building a house. Permission is needed to buy more than an acre of land from Ministry of Land Fiji. Book a good construction company to build the foundation with not less $150k budget. It is essential to ascertain that there is no mortgage, caveat, and legal disputes are attached to the land. Contact our real estate agency to get guidance and help in buying properties at a fair price.




Author: fijiproperty

Fijipropertysales is a Fiji based real estate agency offering best deals in houses, villa, resort, hotels, and lands for property lookers. Real estate experts offer advice and help to buy best property quickly in Fiji. Hire agency to find best property in Fiji.

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