Planning to buy or own a property in Fiji? Consider the below.


Fiji Island is in the South Pacific Ocean. It compromises of total 333 picture perfect islands with most being uninhabited. Fiji Islands are in the southern hemisphere, which allows them to enjoy a tropical marine climate with only slight seasonal marine temperature variations. By looking at the map of Fiji you can quickly and easily locate the exact location of Fiji Islands. Continue reading “Planning to buy or own a property in Fiji? Consider the below.”


Things you need to know before owning a property in Fiji


People invest in a property or house abroad, either to do business by simply buying a cheap property and then selling or renting it to others, or to simply settle down there. Continue reading “Things you need to know before owning a property in Fiji”

Things You Should Know Before Owning a Dream Property in Fiji


Buying a real estate property in our own country might be an easy task but it is really tough purchasing properties from abroad. Buying properties become more difficult if you’re not familiar with real estate industry and laws of that country. Continue reading “Things You Should Know Before Owning a Dream Property in Fiji”

Planning to buy properties in south Pacific Ocean! Then Fiji is the right choice


Though people today buy or own a property abroad without any problems, there are many who face a lot of problems while owning a property abroad.  As the level of housing and investment in a country depends on the economic and industrial development there.

Thousands of buying options are available all over the world today, but before buying or owning a property overseas, you must look at the cost of living and currency value in that particular nation.

Fiji, earlier called as Republic of Fiji Islands is an island nation situated in the South Pacific Ocean. It’s an archipelago of 333 picture perfect islands which is close to Australia and New Zealand.  The island nation is known for its rugged landscape of blue lagoons, palm-lined beaches and eco activities like Surfing, diving, cruising, and sailing. Thus foreigners today are trying to own properties or apartments in Fiji.

But before looking for properties in Fiji, you should be aware of the different types of land regulations that exist in Fiji. The Fiji land sales are restricted to foreign owners on the vast majority of its land.

There are three types of lands in Fiji, they are Freehold property (can be bought and sold freely), Native land (can be leased but never owned), crown land (can be owned by Fiji government and can only be leased by them). In addition to this, foreign owners must take the permission of Fiji Trade and Investment board (FTIB) to buy a property in Fiji.

So if you are planning to own a property in Fiji, it would we wise idea for you to hire an attorney while purchasing a property for sale in Fiji Islands. As there are many restrictions and a good deal of red tape in this process.

One can even consult a Fiji real estate agency for purchasing a real estate or apartments in Fiji Islands, as such agencies can give ideas about villas, houses, land, and properties that you can buy at an affordable price.

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What Should You Know Before Owning a Property in Fiji?

For some, buying a property is a dream for them. Buying, selling or owning property in your own country is something that cannot be done easily. To take such an important financial investment decision requires planning and research, if the final aim is to purchase a property with minimum loss. However, buying a property or a house overseas where you are not familiar with laws, customs, and culture requires more researches. Therefore, whether you’re looking to buy a property or make investment through real estate agency, it is necessary to know the process, legal issues and others hurdles involved.

Similarly, if you are planning to buy a property in Fiji, you must be aware of properties that can be owned easily. To get such information, you can contact a Fiji real estate agency. Such agencies can help you to find your dream home, villas, resorts, hotels, and restaurants. The hired agency needs to be authorized with Fijian government and following the set rules for real estate industry.

Fiji is a tropical paradise located in the heart of South Pacific, an archipelago of 333 islands. It is close to New Zealand and Australia. Scuba Diving, Jet ski tours, surfing, rafting, & kayaking are some of the adventurous sports played in the country.

Fiji land sales are self-governing and approximately 9% of lands are available for purchase. There are three types of lands in Fiji:

  • Free hold property: These lands can be bought and sold in Fiji freely.
  • Native trust land: These lands can be leased but cannot be owned, and are managed by TLTB (Taukei Land Trust Board)
  •  Crown land: Owned by government, thus can only be leased by government.

Foreigner ownership of property in Fiji is restricted, thus lands here cannot be acquired without a residence or work permit. In addition to this, foreign owner must take the permission of Fiji Trade and Investment board (FIJI) before owning a property.

Properties for sale in Fiji is open to foreign investors, as the countries land rules allows them to buy almost any property in Fiji. So, if you want to buy a property, this is an ideal place to find your desired house quickly. Contact our real estate experts to take help in buying properties in Fiji at affordable prices now.





Reasons to Buy Freehold Lands in Fiji

Building a home needs huge investment and this decision needs to be taken after prolong contemplation. Similarly, if you have decided to build a residential or a vacation home in Fiji, it is a nice decision to lead a peaceful and secluded life.

Fiji is an island country present in the southern Pacific Ocean, consisting of an archipelago of 333 islands. Though, most of the islands aren’t suitable for habitation but contain highly beautiful sceneries perfect as a tourist attraction. Fiji real estate industry is steadily growing over the years and got the attention of investors around the globe. The investors are investing in houses, resorts, lands, hotels, restaurants, and building of tourist spots in exclusive islands.

Additionally, Fiji is an ideal place to relocate for foreigners searching peace and seclusion. The people of this country were found to be happiest on Earth in 2011 according to a survey. This is due to the present of amicable weather, friendly locals, organic green vegetable, relaxing activities, and others. This is attracting lots of foreigners to build a home for spending a vacation or live permanently. Buy Fiji freehold to build a home as crown and native trust lands can be bought on the lease but can’t resell later. Freehold lands can be bought, use, and resell later at will to others. It is essential to spend 150k dollars in building a home in Fiji to avoid legal issues later. But, lands can’t be own from cities as it is reserved for local people by the Government of Fiji.

Owning a real estate property in Fiji is still cheap and simple for foreigners. But, it is essential to follow certain rules set by Fijian parliament for buyers. Haven buyers need to take help of local real estate agencies in buying properties, otherwise, will get entangled with legal troubles. Make sure lands possess no attached mortgages, caveat, and legal disputes. To find top Fiji property sales, this is an ideal place for the foreigners. To buy suitable properties, it is essential to hire a local real estate agent to avoid legal issues. Buy a top quality property from this agency at affordable prices now.

What you need to know before buying a property in Fiji?

Many people prefer to buy properties abroad rather than buying in their own country. Benefits of buying a property abroad are finding top quality properties at a lower rate. Before buying a property abroad, few things need to consider like affordability, location, weather condition, and suitability of that place. If you’re planning a property in an island country, there can’t be a better choice than Fiji.

Fiji is an island nation consisting of 333 picture perfect islands tucked away islands in the south Pacific Ocean. The country is near to Australia and New Zealand. Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are the two big islands of Fiji and are home for most of the country’s population.

Fiji is the only country in South Pacific Ocean that allows foreign ownership of the land. It provides opportunities to foreigners to own properties and reside there. To buy a property or land, one need to contact with a Fiji real estate agency as per new law of the land. Real estate experts have knowledge about properties and law of the land to enhance the process of buying in Fiji. Apart from that, foreign buyers must have the permission of Fiji trade and investment board (FTIB) while buying properties.

There are three types of lands in Fiji:  Freehold (can be bought and sold freely), Native land (can be taken on lease but can’t be owned), Crown land (owned by Fiji Government). Approximately 9% of the land falls under freehold and can be owned here.  Fiji land sales is a top place to find land plots to build homes according to requirement. Foreign buyers need to follow the Torrens title land-registration system after which they can become the owner of the property. In addition to it, permission is needed from Ministry of Land to buy more than half an acre land.

Fiji is always open to foreign investors and attracted investment from different regions. The country’s legislation allows owning properties to foreigners. Buy properties from property for sale in Fiji to find your suited lands and houses at affordable prices. If you’re serious about buying properties in Fiji, hire our real estate agency and experts to buy properties in Fiji quickly.