Tips to Find the Best Real Estate Properties in Fiji

Fiji is visited by the people from different regions of the world. The country has beautiful and green tropical forest, pristine water sceneries, and laid back environment for relaxation. Traveling to Fiji is a chance for rejuvenation, thrilling adventures and romance with partners. The beauty of Fiji always attracts peace lovers to settle in the country permanently. Good news is that Fiji property sales are offering top real estate properties to haven buyers looking to settle in the country. Buying properties in Fiji is cheap and easy but requires a minimum 6 months for processing the deed title. It is essential for buyers to know all the procedures and rules of buying properties in Fiji.

People looking to build a home in Fiji needs to find a suitable land plot first. But, it is essential to find lands with suitable amenities, weather condition, location, connectivity, and other features. Foreigners can’t own properties or lands in the cities in Fiji. But, foreigners can buy properties which aren’t within the circle of the cities. Foreigners need to seek Fiji freehold land to use and resell later at will conveniently. It is essential to make a 150k dollar investment in building a home in Fiji by the foreigners. Make sure there is no caveat, mortgages, and legal disputes are attached with the buying land.

The real estate industry of Fiji has grown manifolds after democracy restored in the country. A conducive political environment, strong regulation to curb corruption, and cheaper properties available have led to this growth in Fiji. It is essential to hire a local real estate agency to invest in Fiji real estate. But, the agency needs to be authorized and compliant with Government rules set for the real estate industry. There are plenty of beach-front villas, luxurious homes, and even resorts to make a vacation home. Investment can be made in developing an exclusive island for the tourism industry. But, it is legally bounding for foreigners to hire a local agent while making an investment in the country. Contact our real estate experts to buy properties in Fiji at affordable prices.





Are you planning to buy you dream home in a foreign land?

Owning a house or property is what everyone dreams of in life. Thanks to globalization, it’s now possible for every individual to buy or own a property in foreign lands.  There have been a lot of reforms in Fiji real estate industry recently, which have made it easy for foreigners to own properties and lands.

With the development of cities and roads, human have left very little place for nature. But, many people love to own properties in places where they can feel themselves close to nature and ecosystem. In this regard, Fiji is an ideal place for the people looking for seclusion and natural beauties.

Fiji Islands are the popular islands with hotels and resorts. The small island nation is situated in the south pacific which compromise of 333 superb picturesque islands. If you wish to buy a property or house here, then you need to contact a Fiji real Estate Agency for knowing the purchasing details.

Fiji offers ownership of the lands by the foreigners in the country. Fiji land sales are self-governing and approximately 9% of the lands are available for purchase. Freehold (bought and sold freely), native lease land (can be leased but never owned), and crown lease land (owned and leased by the government) are three types of land available in Fiji. It is essential find the freehold land and far away from the cities to avoid legal problems in Fiji.

There are many properties for sale in Fiji, but one needs to work with reputed real estate agencies and consult with legal experts to verify legal titles before buying a property. A property for sale in Fiji need to be owned after taking permission from Fiji trade and investment board (FTIB). Otherwise, the haven buyers need to face legal troubles after buying the properties.

Fiji is open to foreign investors and the countries laws allow foreigners to buy properties for sale. Conducive political environment, reasonable prices, beautiful sceneries make Fiji island an attractive place for foreign and private entities. For more information on Fiji lands and properties, hire the real estate experts of Fijipropertysales.







Fiji Islands, a paradise where everyone dreams to settle

Every human being dreams of buying a property or house at some point of their life. The decision to buy a property or home is usually a big decision, which needs huge investment. Generally, a person’s idea of buying a property or house limits up to his/her country itself, but there are many who plan to own a property overseas.

Fiji Island is an island nation which consists of 322 picturesque islands and 522 islets. It is located in the Vanuatu’s east and is tucked in between the green mountains.  These islands are the perfect tourist place which captures the hearts of many tourists. The island possesses tropical rain forests, coconut tree plantations, and hills.

Fiji allows foreign ownership of land. Below mentioned are the three types of land in Fiji

Freehold land: Such lands can be bought and sold freely in most areas of Fiji

Native land: such lands can be leased but never be owned

Crown land: Owned by Fiji government and can be leased by government only.

So now if you are planning to buy property in Fiji then you should look at purchasing at Fiji real estate agency. The process of buying land here is slow but simple. You need to take permission from Fiji Trade and Investment Board(FTIB). In FIJI, land sales or tenure is done through torrents title land registration system with a title constitutionally given by the state.

Fiji land sales are open to foreign investors, as it allows them to buy almost any property with few rules and regulations. Conductive political and legal environment make Fiji a plum of foreign private entrepreneurs and tourists.

Fiji has plenty of properties for sale, property for sale in Fiji includes villas, houses, land and commercial properties. Many foreigners invest in islands of Fiji turning them into luxury villas and homes for family holidays. Purchase and sales of properties are looked by Fiji real estate internet listings with internet portals.

If you are planning to buy your dream home or property here, you can log on to for further information.

How to find a dream vacation home in Fiji?

Fiji is a dream destination for romantic couples, nature lovers, and adventure seekers. The island country is a home to the panoramic beauty of tropical forests and pristine water sceneries. The white sand beaches always attract the beach lover to bask in the sun. It is one of the best places to relocate escaping the city blues to get some fresh air and seclusion in life. To fulfill your desires, it is essential either to buy a built home or build a dream vacation home in Fiji. The Fiji property sales have different ranges of deals in houses, villas, lands, islands and other commercial projects. Finding the suitable properties in Fiji is easy hiring the authorized agency for the purpose.

Find suitable land plot in Fiji

If you want to design and build your own house, it is essential to buy a plot of land. First, you need to choose the land based on the location, weather condition, and other basic amenities. There are three types of lands found in Fiji: crown land, native trust land, and freehold land. Fiji freehold is the best option for the buyers to build a home and resell whenever wanted. But, it is essential to spend 150k dollars in building the home to get the permission. Foreign buyers need to get permission from the ministry of land Fiji buying more than half an acre. Hire an authorized agency to help in buying lands to avoid legal issues later.

Real estate industry rejuvenated with democracy

After returning to democracy, the real estate industry of Fiji has got impressive growth. It has helped in winning the investors and peaceful environment is inviting people for relocation. With the passing of the new land act, foreigners can’t own properties in cities. Building home in the beautiful hill stations, villages and beaches help to enjoy life more. The Fiji real estate is growing and delivering lots of return to the investors. It is essential to follow the rules to avoid legal troubles after properties in Fiji. Contact our real estate expert to buy properties in Fiji quickly.



How to Own a Real Estate Property in Fiji?

There comes a time in your life when you decide to own a house or property. The decision to buy a property is one of the most important financial decision that we make, and is the biggest investment of a person’s life. The property could be your dream home or an investment, therefore before taking such a big financial decision you should ask yourself a few questions, such as which location to choose? What property to buy? And does that come under your budget?

If you have a dream to own a property amidst beautiful islands, sea beaches, panoramic views, there can’t be a better destination than Fiji. The island country present in the Southern part of the Pacific island, in fact, it’s a dream of many persons to own a property here. So If you are planning to own a property in the future, then Fiji is the best choice for you.

It is an island country and consists of 333 picturesque islands offering a peaceful place to live-in. It’s close to Australia and New Zealand. If you are thinking to buy a holiday property in this beautiful island, you can inquire any Fiji real Estate agencyIt’s a beautiful place for work and rest. It has landscapes of coral reefs, beautiful nature (forest, nature, river) and a wide range of flora and fauna surrounding the whole island.

Fiji is always open to investors but, need to follow certain laws of the land while making the investment. It is essential to note that Fiji doesn’t allow foreigners to buy lands from the cities though permitted from remote areas of the country. The property for sale in Fiji is ideal for the businesses looking to make suitable investment in the country and get more returns.  So, if you want to invest in the real estate properties make sure to hire a local agency to help in the process.

The political scenario of Fiji has improved significantly with the return of democracy in the country. Further, owning a land is easy and cheap with the Fiji land sales but foreigners need to take permission from the Ministry of land.  Contact our real estate agency to get help in buying properties in Fiji quickly.




How to Find the Best Land to Build Home in Fiji?

Building a home in Fiji is easy and simple. This is because buying land is one of the cheapest in the world but useful to get in beautiful location. Fiji is the best country to relocate to escape the city blues and enjoy in the laidback environment. But, it is essential for the foreigners to remember certain things essential while buying properties in Fiji. The Fiji property sales are useful for the foreigners to get the best quality houses at attractive prices. But, the haven buyers need to hire a local real estate agency to help in searching, buying and processing the properties in Fiji. It is essential to remember that Fiji government has banned foreigners from buying properties from the cities.

The real estate industry of Fiji is growing like never before. This is due to returning of democracy in the country. A favorable condition haven arose for the international investors to invest and earn lots of money. But, it is essential for the investors to hire a local real estate agent to help in the transaction according to new land act of Fiji Government. The Fiji real estate is expected to grow like this even in the future. Buying properties in Fiji is cheap but needs a longer time than in other countries. To enhance the speed of processing, it is essential for the buyers to hire real estate experts to avoid legal issues later.

To build a home, it is essential to buy a suitable land. There are three types of land found in Fiji: crown land, native trust land and freehold land. The Fiji freehold is the best option for the foreign buyers to use and resell later at will. But, there is only 8% of the total land under this category. This is why the buyers need to find out connectivity, weather condition, and other basic amenities essential for a good life before buying the land. It is legally binding to hire a local real estate agent while buying properties in Fiji. Contact our real estate experts to buy properties in Fiji at affordable prices.


Key Facts About Fiji Real Estate Industry

Planning to buy a property in Fiji? If it is so, it is essential to know the key facts of Fiji and the real estate industry. Fiji is a beautiful country with an archipelago of 333 islands though mostly not habitable. But, it is a sparsely populated country and attracting the foreigners to settle there. Building a home in Fiji is an ideal choice but need to be taken after contemplation. Check out the property for sale in Fiji to get the list of real estate properties according to your requirement. Before jumping to buy the property, here are the key guidelines the foreign buyers need to follow.

Returning of democracy has revitalized the country’s real estate industry. The growth of the Fiji real estate industry is manifolds over the few years. This is why the industry is creating attractive investment opportunities with higher return. Before investing, hire a Fiji real estate agency to get help in finding the property to make investment. It is legally binding for the foreigners to hire a government compliant agency to avoid legal issues while buying properties. Owning properties in the cities is banned for the haven buyers in Fiji. This act come into effect after setting the new land Sales act of the Fiji parliament to prevent selling the land to foreigners. But, there are several places that can be bought to develop into tourist places immediately.

Building a home require a right plot of land with suitable connectivity. There are three types of land for sales in Fiji: crown, native trust and freehold land. The first two categories of land can be bought on the lease for 100 years in the country. But, freehold land is the most suitable option as it can be use and resell at will after buying. It is essential to seek permission from the Ministry of Land Fiji while buying more than half an acre land. The Fiji land sales is the right place to find the desired land. It is essential to make sure that there is no caveat, mortgage, and legal issues are attached with the property. Contact our Fijipropertysales to get information on properties and help in buying quickly.