How to Buy Best Properties in Fiji?

Fiji is a favorite destination for nature and peace lovers. The island country is being made a second by people from different regions of the world. Buying properties is simple but the process is slower than in other countries. But, the real estate industry has attracted a lot of investment due to hyper growth rate over the few years.  It is legally bounding to hire a Fiji real estate agency while buying properties in the country. But, the agency needs to be authorized by government of Fiji to avoid legal hassles and get fair deal without problems. This is why it is essential to know about the rules and restrictions put by government on the foreign property buyers.

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The real estate of Fiji has grown after returning of democracy in the country. Buying properties has got easier due to proper laws and regulation in place by government. To buy land plots, it is essential to look for the freehold lands to get best utilization. The land can be used according to requirement and resell later. Before investing in real estate industry, check Fiji property sales to find out the best deals at price. It is easy to buy home and invest in real estate properties with just 3% stamp duty of the property. But, it takes almost 3-6 months in getting complete sale of the property.

Foreigners are restricted to buy properties in cities of Fiji. But, you need to have work permit or residence in the country to buy lands. Further, you need permission from Ministry of land to buy lands more than an acre in the country. There are beach-front homes, luxurious villas, apartments, resorts and even hotels for foreign investors. Check out property for sale in Fiji to get the best deal and properties according to your requirement. If you are serious about making Fiji a second home or a permanent residency, it is essential to build a good home in a desired place. If you want to build homes or invest in real estate properties, our experts can offer guidance. Hire our expert to get desired properties at affordable price.







How to Find Best Lands and Properties in Fiji?

Fiji is a beautiful country with numerous sceneries for nature love. The country has become the favorite place for nature lovers and adventure seekers. But, it is essential to buy an ideal plot of land to buy a dream home in the country. But, it is essential to buy land in the remote and places where it is permitted for the foreigners. This is why Fiji land sales is the right place to find suited lands useful for building homes. You can find suited land plots to exclusive islands according to requirements and uses. It is essential to look at the conditions of the lands, weather condition, connectivity, and other facilities for a better living.

But, buying a land plot it is essential to remember certain things to avoid legal hassles. Foreigners can’t buy lands inside cities as it is reserved for the native people. Crown land, native trust land and freehold land are the three types of lands available in the country. Fiji freehold is the best option to buy land and use according to requirements. The land can be sold if you’re not staying in the country. But, it is essential to look at the legal procedures needed to buy a land in the country. An authorized real estate agency needs to be hired before buying a land plot quickly.
The real estate industry of Fiji is growing at a rapid pace now. The growth has come after returning of Democracy in the country. Fiji government has put strict regulations in place to increase transparency and win hearts of the investors. This is why Fiji real estate is growing at a rapid pace after winning the confidence of the investors. You can buy front homes, villas, exclusive islands, luxurious homes, and resorts to use in business. Before buying any property in the country, it is essential to contact expert agency to offer guidance and legal helps in buying properties. Hire our real estate experts to provide information and help in buying properties at fair price now.




Top Reasons to Invest in Fiji Real Estate

Fiji is a beautiful country worth to make a second home. It can be your ideal place to live in, if you don’t love city blues and seek peace amidst nature. The people in the country has been rated the happiest on earth according to a survey. The prime reasons are the presence of abundant organic foods, marine weather, good locals, and admirable cultures. This is why making Fiji a second home will worth your investment for a peaceful living after retiring or in a vacation. Fiji property sales offer fair deals and prices to people looking to buy properties in the country. But, it is essential to hire a government compliant real estate agency to process the property after buying.

Buying a land plot needs to be decided after serious contemplation. Not all lands are suited for your purposes and needs. It is essential to look at land environment, terms and conditions, and type of land available for sale. In general, there are only three types of lands in Fiji namely crown land, native trust land and freehold land. Maximum Fiji land sales comprise of freehold lands to foreigners but it is only 9% of the total area. Further, the government has banned from selling lands to foreigners in cities in order to reserve for local population. But, it is available in rural and tourist areas for haven buyers.

Post-coup, the real estate industry of Fiji has attracted lots of investments and grown over 100%. Proper regulations from the government has improved transparency and won confidence of investors. There are opportunities to invest in resorts, hotels, villas, restaurants, and even developments of islands for tourists. The investment in Fiji real estate industry is worth with continuous growth and expansion. But, it is essential to follow the rules laid down by the Government. Find out property for sale in Fiji hiring an authorized real estate agency to get best deals. It is legally bounding to hire an expert or an agency while buying properties in Fiji. Hire our real estate agency to get best deals at fair price now.



How to Get Best Deals in Properties in Fiji?

Fiji has become an ultimate destination for real estate investor these days. The real estate industry is growing like never before in the island country. Reasons may be diverse but stability of the government and transparent rules have helped to win confidence of investors. Further, there can’t be a better place for adventure seekers, peace and nature lovers. The presence of abundant places suitable for leading a peace and happy make Fiji an ideal second home. Hire a Fiji real estate agency to get information about properties and buy one. It is legally bounding for investors to hire a government authorized real estate agency to buy a property in Fiji. Otherwise, you would face legal problems and will be dragged to court shattering your dream.

Buying lands in Fiji is a good deal for investors or to build a dream home. But, it is essential to look at conditions placed on lands before buying to avoid get entangled with legal problems. There are three types of lands found in Fiji viz native trust land, crown land and freehold land. The first two are sold under condition on lease and 100 years of usage for owners. Fiji freehold land is considered best option and can be used and sold at will to others. But, there is only 8% of total land in Fiji is freehold and suited for foreigners to use according to requirement.

At the end of the political turmoil, Fiji has become an ideal destination for real estate business. Exclusive islands are being developed into resorts, hotels and restaurants for tourists. Apart from that, there are beachfront houses, villas, and luxurious properties in Fiji real estate. But, foreigners are prohibited from buying properties in cities. Buying lands for more than half an acre needs permission from government to avoid legal problems later. It also required to look at weather condition, living condition, connectivity, local people, and environment before buying property. Assessing the properties properly is useful to get best deal at a fair price. Hire a real estate expert to get your dream properties at affordable price now.





Tips for Buying Good Property in Fiji

Are you planning to buy a real estate property in Fiji? If yes, the information provided below will be useful for you to get best and fair deal. Fiji is a dream place for nature and peace lovers avoiding blues of city life. Country has the happiest people on earth due to ambient environment and natural sceneries that soothes minds. To get best deal, check out property for sale in Fiji according to your requirement. The property can be decided in accordance to uses and requirement. It is essential for you to see location, local environment and nature of the place. It is an important thing to remember before deciding to buy a real estate property in Fiji.images

Buying a plot of land is easier and cheap in Fiji than in other countries. But, the buying process is a bit slower taking about 60 days to be title of the land. You need to get permission from government buying more than half an acre of land in the country. Further, you need to look at land condition and term of use according to your requirement. Fiji land sales enable you to get fair deal in buying land plot and islands. Government has prohibited foreigners from buying land from cities but available in remote areas. You can build home amidst natural sceneries and beach-front home buying land at cheap price.

If you are seriously pondering to buying a property in Fiji, you need to research about the place. You need to hire a government authorized real estate agency to get fair deal and avoid legal hassles. Following real estate law of the land increases speed of process while avoiding problems. Fiji property sales is useful to get desired home, villa, resorts, islands, and even other plots of lands at right price. It is essential for you to seek advice and guidance from real estate experts there. You would never want to land in legal trouble building a dream home in Fiji. Hire our real estate experts to get guidance and help in buying desired property at fair price.


How to Get Best Property Deals at Fair Price in Fiji?

Are you thinking to make Fiji your home? If yes, it is essential for you to know exact procedures involve in buying property in the island country. No doubt, Fiji has open door for non-residents to invest and buy property but still there are some restrictions in place. It is essential for you to hire an authorized real estate agency to buy property. Fiji real estate agency needs to be hired to know about rules and information on buying property. It is legally essential to hire an authorized real estate agency before buying property in Fiji now. Hiring of real estate experts are helpful to process buying of property quickly.

Fiji has opened door for investment in real estate now for non-residents. But, there is some restrictions in buying lands and property in cities. Presence of breathtaking sceneries like tropical forest, hill-station, marine sceneries, etc. make perfect place for nature lover. Fiji freehold land is the best option for using according to preference and sell at will. The other two types of land can be bought but on leased for 100 years with no permission to sell. This is why it is essential for you to look at condition of the land before buying from owners. To avoid legal troubles, processing the buying process in compliance with government is essential.

Buying of property like home, villa, hotels, restaurants and island is easy in Fiji. It is easier and cheaper in comparison to other countries in the world. Further, there is ambient environment and local people helping you to stay there peacefully. Fiji real estate is the right place to find out fair and preferred property to buy in the country. To make Fiji permanent home, it is essential to get desired land plot or built home to live in. Check out the rules and restrictions placed by government before buying the property in the country. Take help of our real estate experts in buying the right property at fair price in Fiji.


Fiji as a favourite destination for investment in properties

What are the three main important things that you look for before getting to invest in real estate industry, especially outside your home country? It’s a really important question which if you have not found an answer to, you must start looking for it.

These three things are – natural climate and it suitability, political or legal stability, and the pricing. Yes, the first thing is the suitability of the climatic conditions. When you buy properties outside your country, you must make sure that you are buying in a country that does not have extreme climatic condition. On this very fact, Fiji scores amazing great. This country is an exotic and one of the most sought after destinations for travellers from around world. So, you don’t to worry at all about the first thing in the three mentioned above.

Now if we talk about the political stability and legal freedom in Fiji, it’s simply perfect for the purpose. However, there was political turbulence in the country a few years ago, but things are simply congenial now. And that’s the reason Fiji real estate industry is growing by leaps and bounds for the last a few years.

The third thing – the price. There has been immense growth in the pricing of Fiji freehold properties and even in the residential and commercials properties. While it may be a thing to worry for second home seekers, it makes it the high time for investors. The money you invest is most likely be double in two or three years. Yes, that’s huge thing you know.

If you are looking to invest in Fiji now, get in touch with a local Fiji real estate agency and start exploring options. Yes, it’s the high for investment in Fijian properties.