Facts you should know before buying freehold lands in Fiji


Needless to say, Fiji is one of the most sought after destination for buying land among foreigners. If you have landed on this blog, you must be looking of the same. Okay, let me not waste much of your time and let me come straight to the point.

There’s about 10%, to be more precise according to the latest data, about 8.5% the country’s land is freehold land available for sale which you can buy. Isn’t that very less. Well, it is. But given the popularity of Fiji land sales around the world, there’s a lot to buy still.

What is freehold land?

Freehold land means when you buy such land you have the ownership of the land in perpetuity. Yes, you read it right. You become the owner for the land forever. That’s the actual catch that makes freehold land in this country so popular.

I am not a native Fijian; can I buy freehold land in the Fiji Islands?

Yes, you can. Almost all available Fiji freehold can be bought by foreigners and local Fijians in the same manner. You don’t need any extra privilege or are required to get into some legalities to buy land in Fiji. You can get in touch with a Fiji real estate agent to know more.

The other land type sold in Fiji usually comes under a lease arrangement. If you buy such land, you do not become the owner for ever, rather, you are the owner for a period for 99 years. Such leasehold land is legalized or say administered by the Native Lands Trust Board (NLTB). The headquarter of NLTB is Suva. NLTB works as an intermediary between the land owner and the buyer.

You can learn more about it by connecting to a local Fiji real estate agency.






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