High time for buying properties in Fiji

Fiji a beautiful country. Especially when you talk about a destination that is perfect for vacations. Yes, this country is well known for its great natural setup. You perhaps already know about it. But the question is – is it really worth owning a property there? For the sake of investment or simply for having a second home away from home?

The answer to these questions are – yes. Fiji is a perfect destination for owning property. No matter whether it is for investment purpose or you seriously need a calm place to build your second home where you can spend time in peace and happiness with your family and loved ones.

If you talk about investment purpose, you will be happy to know that prices and sizes Fiji real estate are growing like never before. Every year there’s a great hike in price of the properties in Fiji because of its growing demands. It will leave happily surprized if you own a property there. Otherwise you will have reasons for remorse. Next, if it is about a second home, you can hardly find a better place in the world. Imagine a place that offers great natural views and climate. Being in Fiji is like being in the lap of nature.

If you have ever thought of buying properties in Fiji, it’s the high time in all ways. You should not wait more. The prices will only be increasing every day, there’s not even a faint chance of decreasing it any way.

Start looking for property for sale in Fiji, get in touch with a real estate agency and ask about Fiji property sales. Don’t wait to explore options. It’s the high time.


Facts you should know before buying freehold lands in Fiji


Needless to say, Fiji is one of the most sought after destination for buying land among foreigners. If you have landed on this blog, you must be looking of the same. Okay, let me not waste much of your time and let me come straight to the point.

There’s about 10%, to be more precise according to the latest data, about 8.5% the country’s land is freehold land available for sale which you can buy. Isn’t that very less. Well, it is. But given the popularity of Fiji land sales around the world, there’s a lot to buy still.

What is freehold land?

Freehold land means when you buy such land you have the ownership of the land in perpetuity. Yes, you read it right. You become the owner for the land forever. That’s the actual catch that makes freehold land in this country so popular.

I am not a native Fijian; can I buy freehold land in the Fiji Islands?

Yes, you can. Almost all available Fiji freehold can be bought by foreigners and local Fijians in the same manner. You don’t need any extra privilege or are required to get into some legalities to buy land in Fiji. You can get in touch with a Fiji real estate agent to know more.

The other land type sold in Fiji usually comes under a lease arrangement. If you buy such land, you do not become the owner for ever, rather, you are the owner for a period for 99 years. Such leasehold land is legalized or say administered by the Native Lands Trust Board (NLTB). The headquarter of NLTB is Suva. NLTB works as an intermediary between the land owner and the buyer.

You can learn more about it by connecting to a local Fiji real estate agency.





Planning the second home? You shouldn’t miss exploring options in Fiji


Fiji is undoubtedly an exotic location which you should not miss exploring if you are planning your second home. This small country has got everything that you may be needing to call a perfect destination. It has got a great combination of natural riches and contemporary comforts.

Whether you would like to buy a ready to move house, a luxurious villa, or even freehold properties, you have all the options here. Most specifically, Fiji land sales is the talk of the moment. If you are not looking to move in the near future and would like to have something when you retire, you can buy Fiji freehold land at different prices. Getting to buy it now will make sure you get an affordable deal.

As you already know, the prices of real estate increase like anything no matter what country we talk about. The same applies for Fiji as well. The prices are getting higher and higher every day. So, it’s better to start exploring from now only. Else, you may miss the chance of your second home in Fiji.

If you think this place is going to interest you, you should contact a local Fiji real estate agency as soon as possible. You do not need to visit the country and the actual site in the very beginning. Simply ask the agency to show you some of the available properties of your preference. Analyse the pro and cons and your budgets. See different options and then shortlist a few for the final review.

In the final stage of reviewing and negotiating prices, you can pay a visit to the country. Yes, it’s always better to see the properties personally but that can be done in the final stage.




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When it comes to investing in properties outside your home country, the beautiful islands of Fiji are got to be your choice. Reasons are varied. One of the most significant of such reasons is the opportunity of higher returns.

Let me give it some context. After the England’s rule was over on Fiji, there came a steady growth in real estate industry of Fiji. Soon, it got the rhythm and Fiji became of the favourite destination for buying second homes for people from different countries. Today, if you talk about the worth of real estate industry in Fiji, it’s literally huge. But all the credit does not go to new built residential colonies. A greater part goes to Fiji land sales. Yes, the freehold lands which Britishers paid more attention to during their, are now the major contributors to Fijian real estate.

About 10% of the countries are freehold for now. Obviously, not very much left and it is adding to the price hike with time. But, it’s well worth. Fiji is known for it be naturally rich. For people planning to buy second home where they can spend time after their retirement, there can’t be a better place Fiji. The environment around is simply awesome. It’s so refreshing and natural. It has everything to be favourite destination for vacations. And it obviously is.

If you are planning to invest in Fiji freehold, the first thing you should do is to connect with a Fiji real estate agency. Yes, make sure you take the services from a local real estate agency of agent. They would be best people to know the locality you want to buy property in and at the same they would be readily available for advices you may need while making your selection for locality of property.


Fiji real estate – a perfect choice for property investors and second home seekers

Fiji is nothing less than a paradise on earth. Known to all is that fact that it’s an island that is blessed by nature to have wonderful natural views, atmospheres, and culture. Perhaps, this is the reason Fiji real estate industry is booking like never before. People from around the globe are eyeing to own a piece of land, house or villa here. Why not? This tiny little island has got everything to make perfect home for peace, solace and a wholesome life.

How about you? If you are the one looking to own a second home for you, there’s hardly a place better that Fiji. Luckily, there are still various options for people looking for property for sale in Fiji. Right from buy a piece of land to buying a magnificent residential villa, you have the options to choose from. Obviously, based on the budgets you have.

Still, there’s nothing much to worry. The trends in Fiji property sales give me several options to choose from. You only need to analyse your budget and start exploring options suiting them.

But be sure you do not delay it much if you really have heard of this lovely island and really want to own a property here. As you already know, properties around the globe make a literally huge industry. The popularity is contributed only by first home seekers, but major by second, third, or even forth home seekers. In precise words, they are basically investors who buy properties to invest their money.

Even for this reason, Fiji real estate is one of such options every investor should consider. If you analyse the trends in property prices in Fiji in the recent years, you will get to know how profitable it is at the moment to invest here and how lucrative it is going to be in the coming years. Hence, give it a thought and start exploring options in Fiji real estate.




A Quick Guide to Buy Property in Fiji



Fiji is a paradise on earth for vacationers and nature lovers. Beautiful landscapes, natural sceneries, and pristine water bodies surrounding islands create a perfect environment to lead a peaceful life. Island country is a favorite destination for honeymoon couples to adventure seekers in water activities. Making Fiji a permanent home buying a piece of land or built house is easy. Before deciding to buy a plot of land in Fiji, it is essential to know about laws of property ownership. Rules of Fiji property sales need to be taken into account to avoid legal hassles in the country. Authorized agency needs to be hired to get best deal in real estate while avoiding all legal hassles in the country.

Fijian government has put laws and regulation of the real estate industry. The country is attracting foreign investment in the real estate industry after a stable government was formed. But, still people need to exercise caution in selecting the type of land and read condition before venturing in it. Buying a property is easy but takes time in the process to about 4 months for foreigner. Fiji real estate is growing rapidly and perfect place for foreigners to invest in property. Making Fiji a permanent home needs time and need certain guidance from real estate experts. To avoid legal hassles later, it is essential for people to get help from experts.

People looking to own a property in Fiji has numerous options. There are beachfront houses, luxurious villas, islands, resorts and even hotels to buy in the country. To find best deals and property in real estate, it is essential for people to hire agency. To know about the exact rules of buying property in Fiji, it is essential to consult real estate experts. Property for sales in Fiji need to be first observed nicely about ownership, conditions of use, and other legal conditions. Government has restricted foreigners from buying property from cities and reserved for native people. Buy your dream quality property from Fiji hiring a real estate agency to help in the process.


How to Get Land to Build Your Dream Home in Fiji?

If you have fallen in love with Fiji beautiful landscapes and maritime sceneries, building a dream home is an ideal option. In fact, Fiji is an ideal place to build a vacation home or a dream home to lead a peaceful life amidst natural sceneries settling there permanently. To buy land more than an acre, it is essential for foreigner to get permission from Fijian government. Fiji land sales came under scrutiny from government to check irregularities that prevent from selling land in cities. It is essential to know about legal procedures and expenses involved in buying a land there. Good news is that it is cost-effective to buy but can take a longer time in buying process of land in Fiji.

Finding a dream land plot can be challenging in Fiji. Though, country is sparsely populated but several conditions have been placed for foreigner in purchasing lands. There are three types of lands available for sale in the Fiji island. Crown and native trust land can be acquired on leased period but can’t be resold to other later. To avoid this problem, Fiji freehold land is the right option for people willing to use land plot according to wishes after buying in that country. Sadly, there is only 8% freehold land that can be bought by the foreigners and build a dream home. It is essential to look at conditions before buying land from the country.

The real estate industry of Fiji is growing rapidly these days. Several restrictions have been put in place by Government to check irregularities in real estate industry. It is compulsory for real estate agencies to get authorized by government. Foreigners need to buy real estate property from authorized agencies to avoid legal problems later in life. Fiji real estate agency can provide best deal in property and shorten buying process but in compliance with law of the country. It is essential to hire an expert to get guidance in buying home, villa, resort, hotel and islands in the country. Build your dream home hiring our real estate expert in Fiji quickly.